Applying for Medicaid Long-Term Care

After almost 25 years of helping applicants through the long-term care Medicaid eligibility process I’m convinced that pre-planning is the most important thing you can do. By pre-planning attorneys usually mean preserving assets for the community spouse and other beneficiaries. But equally important is the eligibility process itself. Medicaid eligibility offices require detailed financial information.

Medicaid takes a ‘snap-shot’ on the first day of the first month of a continuous period of institutionalization. This means every bank account; investment account and life insurance policy must be documented as to that ‘first day’. If accounts are later closed Medicaid wants documentation of the account closure and what happened to the remaining funds. It basically tracks all accounts including all deposits and all withdrawals until the eligibility process is complete.

Therefore, if we know a Medicaid long-term care application will be filed, then closing out and combining accounts prior to the ‘snap shot’ date can cut down on a lot of work. Of course, we don’t always know when a continuous period of institutionalization will occur. We don’t preplan sudden illness. But sometimes we do know, and taking steps to think through the application process and what the Medicaid office will want is an important planning step.

It is important to obtain competent legal help to obtain Medicaid coverage for long-term care. At Edward Zetlin Law we preplan, prepare the application and follow the matter through until eligibility is obtained.

The Autism Society of Northern Virginia

ASNV is moving. Its new office is in Oakton (10467 White Granite Drive, Oakton VA). It will be host an open house for their new offices on Saturday, May 30, 12noon-3pm. At this event it will have information about all of its programs.

The centerpiece of this event will be the TABLET GIVEAWAY! (Tablets will be distributed--to families whose January 1 applications were approved--at approximately 1:30pm) Come and meet other families, bring your children, have snacks, learn about ASNV's programs.

Contact: phone: 703-495-8444 | fax: 703-563-6099 |

Speaking Event:
Edward Zetlin Law just completed an Adult and Aging Webinar for Fairfax County Department of Family Services. The topic was ‘Legal Tools for Caregivers’. Look to future postings to obtain a link to this recorded webinar.

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