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Update on Waiver Redesign

This newsletter has been keeping track of Virginia Department of Behavior Health Developmental Services (DBHDS) proposed redesign of Virginia’s Medicaid Waiver programs for the developmentally disabled. The current proposal is as follows:

Realign the current three waivers supporting individuals with Intellectual Disability (ID) and Development Disability (DD) as follows

An Independence waiver that provides supports for adults able to live independently in the community. Individuals own, lease or otherwise control their own living situation.

A Family and Individual Supports waivers that provides supports for people (including children) living with family/friends who have some medical or behavior needs.

A Comprehensive waiver that provides 24/7 services and supports for individuals with exceptional medical and/or behavioral support needs through licensed services, including residential supports and full array of medical, behavioral, and non-medical supports.

A single eligibility criterion for all three of the redesigned waivers has been proposed. The diagnostic criterion may be broader but the functional criterion may be tighter.

Other proposals include: There should not be separate waiting lists for each waiver and movement between the waivers is necessary as needs change. Thus a disabled person who lives with his parents may need personal care under the Family and Individual waiver but not require residential services provided under the Comprehensive waiver.

For additional updates check the DBHDS website at:

Long-Term Care Insurance

What changes have occurred with long-term care insurance over the last ten years? It’s more expensive and harder to get. Still, if you already have such a policy it’s advisable to maintain it. Many are not aware that long-term care services are not covered by private health insurance with only a limited short benefit under Medicare. What can you do if your premiums have gone up. You can change other aspects of the policy to lower premiums. You could extend the waiting period or reduce the total amount of coverage. I’ll be speaking more this week about Long-Term Care Insurance this week.

Speaking Event: Edward Zetlin will be presenting at the Langston-Brown Community Senior Center located at 2121 N Culpeper St, Arlington, VA 22207 on December 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm. His topic will be Long-Term Care Insurance.

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