August/September 2017


Renamed Waiver Programs: Virginia Medicaid recently combined the Elderly or Disabled with Consumer-Direction (EDCD) Waiver and the Technology Assisted (Tech) Waiver into the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus) Waiver. The CCC Plus Waiver provides community based care to aged individuals (65 +) and disabled individuals. This waiver also serves 'technology-assisted' individuals who are chronically ill or severely impaired and who need both a medical device to compensate for the loss of a vital body function, as well as substantial and ongoing skilled nursing care to avert death or further disability.

Distinguish from Developmental Disability (DD) Waivers: A Medicaid waivered program refers to Medicaid covered services provided in the community instead of an institutionalized setting. The DD Waiver provides community based services to individuals whose disability developed from childhood while the CCC Plus Waiver provides community based care to individuals who would otherwise be institutionalized in a nursing facility.

Services Provided include: personal care; adult day health care; respite care; private duty nursing; medical supplies and equipment.

Agency Directed versus Consumer Directed: The individual can choose an agency that provides community based care. The alternative is to find a private personal care aide who is supervised by the individual. If the individual is incapable of supervising the aide, a spouse, parent, adult child, or guardian may direct the care on behalf of the individual.

Prescreening Required: Every county/city has a prescreening team that visits the applicant to make a non-financial assessment. The non-financial criteria for the CCC Plus Waiver for community based care has three components: FUNCTIONAL CRITERIA, MEDICAL OR NURSING NEED CRITERIA, RISK OF MEDICAL OR NURSING PLACEMENT CRITERIA. These criteria have been applied unevenly by different jurisdictions causing confusion and disappointment to many applicants.

No Wait List: The advantage of the CCC Plus Waiver is there is no wait list. If one meets the non-financial and the financial criteria, services are immediately available as opposed to the DD Waiver in which eligible individuals must wait under a priority system to receive services.

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Community Presentations - Edward Zetlin will be speaking at a Health and Wellness Fair on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 at Brookdale Senior Living 46555 Harry Byrd Highway, Sterling, VA 20164. Event is from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. The program is sponsored by the RAFT program. He will be speaking on advance care decision making tools.

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