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Virginia Medicaid Waiver – By Shorthand

Aug 18, 2010

Here is a concise listing of Virginia Medicaid Waiver programs. This is adapted from information available through the Autism Society of Northern Virginia (703-495-8444) www.asnv.org and from the Arc of Northern Virginia (703)532-3214 www.thearcofnova.org

These are Medicaid covered programs that provide services in the home.

Intellectual Disability (ID Waiver)
Diagnosis of an intellectual disability or be under six and at developmental risk and require a high level of care.

Apply – Local Community Services Boards. For Fairfax call 703-324-4400. For CSB offices other than Fairfax County, go to www.dbhds.virginia.gov.

Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support Waiver (DD Waiver)
Diagnosis of developmental disability or related condition requiring a high level of care.
Apply by completing Request for Screening form and send to the Fairfax County Health Department. Call Fairfax Health Dept. 703-246-8628

Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver (EDCD Waivers)
Must meet nursing facility eligibility criteria including medical needs and functional capacity.
Apply – obtain Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) evaluation through local Department of Human Services (DHS) or Aging Services. Afterwards apply through local DHS eligibility office.

Day Support for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Waiver
Diagnosis of an intellectual disability (ID) and on the ID waiver waitlist.
Apply at 18 years old by requesting the level of Functioning Survey from the local Community Services Board

Technology Assisted Waivers
Must require ongoing skilled nursing care and be dependent on technology to substitute for a vital body function.
Apply through Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) 804-786-1465

Another Medicaid Resource

Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPDST) Program
Comprehensive and preventive child health programs for individual under the age of 21, which includes periodic screening, vision, dental, hearing services, as well as therapies and in-home supports.
Apply through DMAS 804-786-6134 for EPDST

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