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The PACE Program in Northern Virginia

Jun 15, 2015 This month the Arlington County Bar Association Law & Aging Section had a presentation from Rose Mario who is Manager of Marketing and Business Development for InovaCare for Seniors – a PACE program. PACE stands for: Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.

What makes PACE unique is that all care: medical, prescription, dental, home care; transportation is provided through this single program.
Eligibility for the program requires the following:
  • 55 years or older
  • reside in the service area
  • meet nursing home level of care as determined by the State.

Most of the recipients are Medicaid eligible for long-term community based care. However, private pay recipients are welcomed. Instead of using separate providers for various needs, PACE contracts, coordinates and supervises all care. It’s a comprehensive long-term care provider that delivers care at home, at its PACE Center and even in a hospital or facility. 96% of its recipients live at home/apartment. 89% are dual –eligible for Medicare & Medicaid.
As an elder law attorney I advise clients on various avenues to obtain long-term care. PACE will be a valuable resource for families seeking a simplified all in one program to obtain coordinated health and long-term care services.

Funding for PACE is provided from monthly payments from both Medicare and Medicaid. PACE combines funds it receives from both sources to coordinate and provide all care to the recipient. The concept of PACE has been around for many years but it has now come to northern Virginia.

Contact RoseAnn.Mario@inova.org/ Tel. 571-432-3115

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